a different language is a different vision of life

federico fellini

learning a foreign language can be a daunting task; an undecipherable code filled with riddles and traps, yet in today’s globalised world language has become the key to unlock the door to this ever uniting society. be it as a requirement for work, to make the experience of travelling easier, or simply as a way of getting to know another culture, the study of languages has become crucial.

for this reason, having a virgil to guide you through the hell, purgatory and paradise of language learning is fundamental. alt aims to be that guide and supply all the necessary instruments to ease the difficulties of communication and make learning a language enjoyable.  

alt offers courses of all levels to learners of all ages, from children needing a hand with their schoolwork, to those wanting to get a head start on important certificates and qualifications; from adults looking to improve their job prospective, to those just seeing a course as a way to meet new people and have fun.

at alt all teachers are specialised in the preparation of internationally acknowledged examinations and qualified to make the learning process straight-forward and seamless.

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