he who speaks badly, thinks badly and lives badly. one must find the right words: words are important

nanni moretti

alt. alternativas lingüísticas. a linguistic alternative. an original and refreshing solution to the difficulties we all encounter when facing a foreign language.

to many, a foreign language presents problems: indistinct voices buzz like feedback on the radio, the words on the page a blur like a 3-D movie with no crazy glasses. but have no fear, alt is here to solve those problems.

with a staff made up exclusively of qualified professionals, alt offers courses in spanish, french, german, italian and english as well as a translation and interpreting service into and from a wide variety of languages, helping you through the labyrinth of communication no matter what the situation, no matter what the difficulty.

the aim and quest manifested by alt is to make all those problems disappear, to fine tune the radio, to show things in all three dimensions. because words are important.